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Lectors have a vital role in the celebration of the Mass.  

Lector is not a mere reader. Lector proclaims the Word of God. It is important that lector develops the skills required to communicate God’s message to the congregation.  

When lector proclaims the Word of God to the Church it is truly God who speaks to His Church.

The ministry of the lector calls for a person to embrace the Scripture, the living word of God.  Lector is invited to enter into more personal relationship with a Word that molds his or her life.

Duties of the Lector:

1. Preparation, - no one should read to the community gathered for worship without preparation.  In becoming a Lector, you are accepting the responsibility to do your best, to practice, to make frequent self-evaluations and to continually look for ways to improve your ability to communicate the Word of God clearly to the congregation.

2. Understanding – every person called to be a lector should deepen her or his knowledge of the Scripture.

3. Putting into practice what you proclaim - through your own sacrifice of time, effort, and preparation, God’s living Word continues to be proclaimed to all of his people.  Lector is called for personal growth in the faith. Lector puts Jesus Christ in a first place in his or her life.

We welcome all newcomers to our ministry.  May the Lord be in your heart and on your lips that you may worthily proclaim his holy Word.


If you are interested in becoming a lector, please contact the pastor.