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We also opened a new separate site for the Polish School.

Sunday School Classes

Cross used in processions Sunday School is available for several groups, from preschool to teen. The classes take place in the school building, on sundays before the Polish Holy Mass, from 9:30am to 10:15am.


  1. Kindergarten – (4-5 years of age)
  2. First year for First Holy Communion – (6-7 yo)
  3. Second year for Holy Communion – (8-9-10 yo)
  4. After Communion Class
  5. Second year after Communion
  6. First Year for Confirmation
  7. Second Year for Confirmation
  8. After Confirmation Class
  • Sacrament of First Communion on the third Sunday in May
  • Confirmation

We begin the School Year on the first day of school, at 9:30am, with a prayer and blessing by the grotto.

See also: Sunday School Calendar.

More information - Parish Office - phone 303.296.3217