Welcome to the web site of Saint Joseph Church in Denver, Colorado!
Please take a listen to our recordings, and a look at the latest photos, church news, monthly Holy Mass schedule, church bulletin, as well as Sunday School homework assignments.
We also opened a new separate site for the Polish School.


As much as possible, we are trying to make improvements to the church, rectory, and the school building. Help is always welcome, please contact us to find out what kind of help is needed at the time.

These improvements have been made lately:

  • Banisters by the altar in the church
  • Decorative metal fence on a facade around the church and rectory
  • The Grotto of Holy Virgin Mary between the church and the rectory, built in 1997
  • The Cross in memory of a Missionary visit, erected in 1994, restored in 2007, moved closer to the grotto in 2014
  • New front doors in the church
  • Modern projector in the choir shows text of songs and prayers on the screen by the altar
  • Electronic bells announce the start of Mass
  • New amplifier and speakers in the church
  • Change of lighting in the church (chandeliers instead of fluorescent lights), paint touch up on the ceiling
  • Leveling of walkways around the church
  • Furnace and air conditioning in the church in 2013
  • Marble floor on the altar, new carpet, pew restoration in 2013
  • Renovation of the Stations of the Cross, figurines and Main Altar in 2014-2015
  • Renovation of the rectory (new wood floors, kitchen, painting rooms) in 2010
  • New roofs on the church, rectory, and the garage by the rectory in 2012
  • New restroom by the rectory with handicapped access in 2012
  • New entry doors in the school building and cafeteria
  • New, efficient, and clean windows with blinds in the school building
  • Painting of the rooms in the school building
  • Wood floors upstairs, and in the classrooms of the school building
  • Renovation of restrooms in the school building
  • New white boards in the classrooms of the school building
  • Traditional school benches for children, additional benches in 2014
  • Lockable announcement board in the school building
  • New granite counter top in the cafeteria of the school building in 2013, new floor and trash cans in 2014
  • Wall and ceiling decorations helping with noise reduction in the cafeteria of the school building
  • Addition of a new classroom replacing an old kitchen in 2011
  • Renovation and painting of parking spots in front of the school building in 2011
  • New roof on the school building
  • School library room in 2014
  • Partitioning 2 classrooms with collapsible walls, giving the school 2 additional rooms in 2014